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Product Environmental Management

The interest of environment profile in product and private enterprises has been increased by the demand of carbon footprint certification, water footprint certification and also recent announcement of product design for resource efficiency in EU. Thus, it is right time to prepare the environmental certification of products and services, environmental-economic assessments, and the establishment and implementation of supply chains environment management system.

SMaRT ECO provides the service to private enterprises in order to respond these social demand actively.
1Consulting of Product Environment Certification
• EDP(Environmental Declaration of Product) / CFP(Carbon Footprint of Product)
• EU Product Environmental Footprint: Carbon footprint, Water Footprint, Material footprint, Particulate Matter footprint ect
2Consulting of Environmental & Economic Assessment
• Eco-Design
• LCA(Life Cycle Environmental Assessment)
• LCC(Life Cycle Cost Assessment)
• Eco-Efficiency Analysis
• Material Flow Cost Accounting
CONTACT TEL. +82-2-6216-8807
FAX. +82-2-447-8815
Consultation request contents
Department Name Title Direct Consulting Field
CEO Kim, Ik CEO +82 2-2226-8899 Total
Sustainable Business Div. Kim, Dongkyu Senior Manager +82 2-6216-8805r - Consulting of Climate Change Response
- Consulting of Climate Change Adaptation

Research & Development center Lee, Daeun Manager +82 2-6216-8808 - Consulting of Product Regulation
- Consulting of Safety and Environmental Policy in Public Sector
- Consulting of Safety Management in Workplace
- Consulting of Corporate Environmental Management System Establishment
Woo, Seungmin Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8814
Chang, Hyunjin Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8813
Climate & Environment Business Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Hong, Gibum Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8810 - Consulting of Green Technology Exchange
- Consulting of Cleaner Production
- Consulting of Resource Circulation
Kim, Sejik Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8803
Sustainable Management Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Cho, Suhyun Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8804 - Consulting of Product Environment Certificate
Ann, Somin Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8811
Product Environmental Assessment Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Seol, Soyeong Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8807 - Consulting of Environmental & Economic Assessment
Business Support Team Lim, Suyoung Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8809 - - Recruitment counseling
Ku, Jina Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8812