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Green Technology Management

The level of green technology required in each country varies depending on the laws and regulations of that country. A technology that can fit to the regulation of a country could be too higher level to other country and this could take a lead the financial burden unnecessarily and the other way around. Thus, it is important to have a clear understanding of the legal requirements for technology in each country, and to prepare a technology that meets both technical and economic requirements (BAT, Best Available Technology).

SMaRT ECO provides a consulting service for environmental enterprises to participate in the projects of overseas market promoted by government-affiliated institutions such as the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute and the Korea Energy Agency, etc.
1Consulting of Green Technology Exchange
• Establishment of green technology expansion strategy
• Consulting of the feasibility study for overseas environmental project
2Consulting of Cleaner Production
• Consulting of cleaner production technology introduction
• Eco-innovation consulting project
3Consulting of Resource Circulation
• Research of resource circulation related Policies and improvement of scheme
• Establishment of waste recycling improvement plan
CONTACT TEL. +82-2-6216-8804
FAX. +82-2-447-8815
Consultation request contents
Department Name Title Direct Consulting Field
CEO Kim, Ik CEO +82 2-2226-8899 Total
Sustainable Business Div. Kim, Dongkyu Senior Manager +82 2-6216-8805r - Consulting of Climate Change Response
- Consulting of Climate Change Adaptation

Research & Development center Lee, Daeun Manager +82 2-6216-8808 - Consulting of Product Regulation
- Consulting of Safety and Environmental Policy in Public Sector
- Consulting of Safety Management in Workplace
- Consulting of Corporate Environmental Management System Establishment
Woo, Seungmin Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8814
Chang, Hyunjin Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8813
Climate & Environment Business Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Hong, Gibum Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8810 - Consulting of Green Technology Exchange
- Consulting of Cleaner Production
- Consulting of Resource Circulation
Kim, Sejik Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8803
Sustainable Management Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Cho, Suhyun Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8804 - Consulting of Product Environment Certificate
Ann, Somin Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8811
Product Environmental Assessment Team
Sustainable Business Div.
Seol, Soyeong Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8807 - Consulting of Environmental & Economic Assessment
Business Support Team Lim, Suyoung Senior Researcher +82 2-6216-8809 - - Recruitment counseling
Ku, Jina Junior Researcher +82 2-6216-8812